Sunny circle beret, classy and cute beret report â

She became popular at once!

One month after its debut. The popularity of the Sunny Circle Beret is amazing!

Not only are many people buying them...

We have received many reports of "I made it! We have also received many reports of "I made it!

Today, we would like to introduce one of them.

An elegant and cute beret!


A bright red beret!

A red beret that might make you pop
The black ribbon adds a touch of elegance.
The size of the ribbon is exquisite.
If it were larger, it could be pop or gorgeous.
gorgeous or more elegant.
or more elegant.
The size of the ribbon makes the beret dainty and elegant.

There are more parts to sew than a regular beret, but we hope you will enjoy it.
Checking the seams carefully
I found it easy to make as long as I was calm.
The round shape is cute.

I got a comment that "the round shape is cute!

That's right.

This beret has more parts than other berets

I think for a moment, you may wonder if it will be okay. I think it will be okay.

But if you make it slowly and carefully, it will be fine.

You will be able to make it beautifully.

For this reason, we have carefully explained the specifications with pictures.

Here is the instagram of emika who made this hat.

who made this hat is here.

emika' s Instagram

She has uploaded many other beautiful hats as well.

Please take a look at them.

Here is the pattern for the popular Sunny Circle Beret

→Sunny Circle Beret

Berets are warm and comfortable.

It is a great hat for this season.

This one is very popular because of its round and colon shape!

We are proud of Simpline's hats, which we hope you will try.

We hope you will enjoy it in various ways.

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