Ambassador's Introduction Vintage Fabric Bucket Hat

Ambassadors made me a bucket hat!

With Simpline.
I want you to share the fun of making hats
We wanted to share the fun of making hats with our
We received many applications.
Thank you very much.

This time, we asked three people to participate.

We immediately received a wonderful hat from nagomihaert!
A beautiful hat from nagomihaert!




Vintage canvas and
classic floral print.

It is a bucket hat with a strong casual image.
but this bucket hat is perfect for mature women.
but it has an elegant cuteness that is perfect for adult women.
It has an elegant cuteness that is perfect for adult women.

Actually, I like soft hats.
I have never made a hat with canvas before.
I like your canvas hats!
I would like to try it too.

An artist whose natural and stylish bags are wonderful!

nagomiheart's Instagram on her Instagram too!
I'd like to try it too!


She makes a variety of bags and other items.
Of course, her works are also very nice, so please check them out.
Please check them out.

Thank you @nagomiheart
Thank you very much for the beautiful hats.

It is very popular!

We have sold more than 100 hats.
bucket hats are very popular, partly due to the wonderful introductions by our ambassadors.

More than 100 hats have already been sold in the first 20 days.

Bucket Hats

The atmosphere of a bucket hat can change dramatically depending on the fabric you use.

We would be happy if you could make your favorite hat with your favorite fabric.

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