Work caps have debuted!

It's the hat that makes casual fashionable!

It's February.
Here you go.
Simpline 2022, the first of its kind is making its debut.


Work caps.

We also made children's size
(50cm-54cm ) for the first time in Symplin.

Point to the back!


We can make two types: belt and ribbon.
Both are fashionable.

And here is the best part!
You can adjust it to the perfect size.
It is a free size.

comfortably enjoy the perfect size.

It's okay if you don't know your size, so it's a
great gift idea.
And of course, for Valentine's Day!

Stylish kits are available.

Cafe au Lait & Blue Stripe

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

will complete a stylish hat perfect for adult casual wear.

The kit comes with
all the necessary materials
, so you

can start making a hat right away.

(Please bring your own yarn.)

And a review gift!

If you fill out a product review, we will

give you a recipe on how to make one with
an elastic back.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

We would be happy to have your review if you like.
Please contact us if you fill it out.

What is the point of making it fashionable?

The point of the work cap for adults is 'calmness'.
Since the design is
casual and boyish, a

calm color is
easier to match with a mature and fashionable look.

It will look

with a long pleated skirt.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

This hat makes casual fashionable.

We hope

you will enjoy it in various ways.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

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