Happy to report: 'Original fabric' hats that you will want to imitate!

Great idea, looks like I copied it.

We started selling fluffy crochet this month.
I received a happy report right away.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

The yellow yarn on the top crown and brim works well.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

' I made it with my recent favorite variegated thread

I line up the threads and sew
and the effort I put into it is reflected in my work."

The fun and beauty of handmade
hats are packed with a lot of fun and beauty.

It's hard to make original fabrics from scratch, but
we make original fabrics by lining up different yarns.

The selection of yarns and
the way they are arranged can create an infinite number of variations.

It's an idea you'll want to imitate.

The key is to relax.
It's tempting to add
more and more, but
balance is very important.
You need to subtract.

We recommend
plump crochet and
asymmetrical berets
simple berets with large top crowns because they are easy to make.

Plump Crochet

Asymmetrical Beret

Simple Beret

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