It is the most comfortable hat I have ever worn.

We are happy to hear from you.

Fluffy Crochet,
You made a lot of them.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

You purchased 3 different kits.
The first one you bought,
you made two more because you liked them so much.

You made your first hat and
did your best to get a picture of it.

Here's what they had to say about it

I'm really clumsy and can't sew
straight lines on my sewing machine.
I'm so clumsy, but
I was able to finish it somehow,
while watching how to make it,
and re-sewing it a few times!

I made the navy blue and glaze for myself and
the light gray one for my child.

I made the navy blue and gray ones for myself and the light gray one for my child. I think I measured the wrong size for the child, and when I tried it on
it was too tight.
When I removed the size tape
it looked just right, so I decided to wear it without the
size tape ^^;

I am happy that I could complete all three
with such a mistake!

I have worn many hats on the market and
found many of them to be a little too subtle and I thought
hats didn't suit me, but
this one fits me better than any other
hat I have ever worn.

My gray hair is starting to increase with age, and
I couldn't take the first step because of resistance to dyeing or coloring my gray hair
, but I hope I can enjoy my gray hair
with bonnets and hats."

I think there were a few mistakes, but
you enjoyed making the hats,
and most importantly, you want to continue to enjoy making hats
I am very happy!

Fluffy Crochet is
my favorite hat too.

There are two types of brim.

You can buy it here
⇀ Fluffy Crochet

It's a great hat that makes you look feminine,
and also makes your face look smaller.
I hope you will try making one.

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