Handsome Hats for Parents and Children Bungo Stray Dogs

Handsome Hats for Parents and Children Bungo Stray Dogs

Have you heard of Bungo Stray Dogs?

This is the first time I've heard of it...

What is Bungo Stray Dogs?
'A different kind of battle action featuring characters who miss the names of great writers such as Osamu Dazai and Ryunosuke Akutagawa'
It's a popular manga.

My daughter is a big fan of this one, so she sent us a picture of her cool hat.

帽子を手作り型紙のお店 シンプリン 文豪スレイドッグス

First of all, we gave her a Nakahara Nakaya style bucket hat as a gift for her birthday.

He said it was the best hat he had ever made for his daughter.
I made for her daughter!

By the way, this is Nakaya Nakahara


(* Reference: Bungo Slay Dogs official website)

Next, his daughter tried her hand at making an Edogawa Rampo-style hunting cap.

帽子を手作り型紙のお店 シンプリン

帽子を手作り型紙のお店 シンプリン

Here is Edogawa Rampo


Quote from Bungo Slaedogs official website

She has been making hats since she was in elementary school, so now that she is in junior high school, she is a natural at making wool hunting caps!
The herringbone and check fabrics are fashionable together.

Above all, they both fit the character's atmosphere perfectly, don't they?

Making hats for the characters in the story.
It's difficult to make a hat that fits the character perfectly, but that's why we are so happy when it's finished.
This is the joy of handmade goods.

What kind of fabric should I use?
It's exciting to choose.

Little by little.
But before you know it, you'll be an adult in no time, which is invaluable.

I hope you and your child will continue to enjoy making hats together💛.

Patterns for the hats you made this time

Simpline Hat (Crown is made with the back crown)


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