Ambassador's hat Stylish coordination of a little lady

Promising! Stylish Bucket Hat

Our ambassadors share the fun of hat making with Simpline
We are happy to have you as our ambassadors to share the fun of making hats with Simpline.
A little lady is joining us 😊.

Grayish khaki corduroy is
perfect for the coming season.
It's chic.


For me, when it comes to children's hats
I can't use them on adults.
I want to use cute prints
I tend to make hats with cute prints that can't be used for adults.
(Of course, they can be cute, too.)


But even chic hats like this one
but even a chic hat like this can be worn in a lovely way!
It's a new discovery.

I want to make a chic hat for my child!


I'm a girl who loves hats.
She loves hats and is wearing them in various places.
She's wearing it in many places✨

Of course, her mom is a fashionista.

And there are

many more cute little hats and clothes.

Please take a look!

作ってくれたのは@f.u.u.0 .

The coordination, the work, and the
photos are all very nice.

If you want to make a 50cm size hat

Actually, the size of this hat is 50cm.
The smallest size we sell is 52cm.

If you would like to make a 50cm hat
Please contact us and say, "I would like to make a 50cm hat after purchasing a 52cm hat.
Please let us know if you have the size available.
(We have the size available.
Please use that one.)

Bucket Hat

Fashionable people who love hats.
I want her to wear many nice hats
I hope she will become a fashionable lady!

I'm looking forward to it 😍.

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