Original patterns and instructions (recipe) in this shopping site
are produced by Simprin.
All copyrights are exclusive property of this shop.



Following conduct is strongly prohibited for Simprin hat patterns and instructions (recipe);

  • To copy, reproduce, and distribute patterns and instructions.
  • To sell or sell at auction etc. of patterns and instructions.
  • To share patterns and instructions on website (blogs etc.).
  • To open a studio or workshop using Simprin patterns and instructions.

Commercial use

You can sell created hats using Simprin hat patterns.
In such case, please make sure to notify us through email including the following contents ( * )


  1. When selling through internet, please specify the use of Simprin hat patterns
    and include Simprin URL link on product information page.
    URL link;
  2. When selling in events or consignments, please follow the terms and conditions above.
    When price tags or tags are used, please specify the use of Simprin hat patterns.
  3. You may not sell as original hats when you have modified Simprin hat patterns.
    If you want to sell hats by modifying our hat patterns, please specify the use of our original hat pattern on product information page

Thank you.