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A casquette with ample volume for accommodating the head. It pairs well not only with pants but also with skirts and dresses. The brim comes in two types. Easy even for beginners. Recommended for those not accustomed to wearing hats.

Casual and fashionable hat pattern suitable for men

We designed a casket that suits mature women.
The key point is the large crown.
When worn backwards, it creates a feminine atmosphere.

Two types of brims
One is a casket type.
The brim is long enough to block out the sun.
The other is a crochet type.
The design is more feminine with the brim reaching to the back.

About Simprin's patterns.

Hat maker for over 20 years.
Has held hat making classes for more than 10 years.
More than 2,000 people have made hats with Symplin's paper patterns.
Some of them are active as hatters.
We will provide you with a selection of the best patterns we have ever made.


Original patterns and instructions (recipe) in this shopping site
are produced by Simprin.
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  Child 52㎝ 54㎝ 20.5in  21.3in
  Adult S: 56㎝ , M: 58㎝ , L: 60㎝   22in 21.8in 23.6in

The patterns can be printed in letter and A4 sizes. Letter size is used in most of North America and A4 size is used in most of the rest of the world. Patterns, instructions, and other details can be downloaded after checkout.
Thank you very much. And Happy Sewing!


medium-weight woven fabric
Cotton, Denim, Dungaree
Boiled wool, Tweed, Moleskin or Corduroy.



52㎝ Diameter:19.4㎝ Height:12㎝  brim :6.9㎝
54㎝ Diameter:20.1㎝ Height:12.5㎝  brim :7.2㎝
56㎝ Diameter:20.8㎝ Height:13.1㎝  brim :7.5㎝
58㎝ Diameter:21.5㎝ Height:13.5㎝  brim :7.8㎝
60㎝ Diameter:22.3㎝ Height:14㎝  brim :8.1㎝
Approximate size


Outer fabric  60×110cm 50×140㎝ 24×43in 20×44in
Ⅼinin fabric 50×50㎝ 20×20in


Outer fabric, Ⅼining fabric, width grosgrain ribbon (25mm 1in) 

SWEING LEVE ★:beginner
You can make hats with the basic tools & materials;
sewing machine, iron, scissors, needle, thread, awl etc.
Please note the following when purchasing patterns

Sizes Included: All Sizes.

Seam allowance is incorporated into A4 size or Letter size patterns

Please print in A4 paper or Letter size paper

You can use by directly cutting out the patterns.

You can proceed by reading our instruction (recipe) with photo.

The patterns are written in both English and Japanese.

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