The most popular artist handmaid of the event!

We are happy to report!

Otti is very popular for its natural and stylish fabric accessories.

At a recent event held at a department store, she

was happy to report that her
Sunny Circle Beret
was the most popular item.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店シンプリン

This is the second fall/winter season that I have sold my products.
This is my
second year of selling Sunny Circle Berets and I already have many fans.

Some of them have already purchased their second or third one!

At the sale at the Kintetsu Department Store this time, we had a lot of customers who purchased the second and third items.
It was also very popular among the elderly.

The more people wear our hats, the more beautiful they become!
I feel that the more people wear our hats, the more beautiful they become! I am really feeling that the more people wear our hats, the more beautiful I can become!

We have also received too many happy feedbacks.


thinkAtelier Otti' s

fabric selections and suggestions with the
customer's happy faces in mind

have really captured our hearts.
(Their Instagram posts are always wonderful, too.)

Atelier Otti's Instagram

By the way, Atelier Otti's
name is synonymous with eco-tama

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

Cut the scraps into smaller pieces.
They are transformed into stylish, round accessories.
We want to use the fabric with care until the very end.
This product is made with such a thought in mind.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店シンプリン

The earrings (or even the pierced earrings) are
very fashionable when combined with the beret.

Sunny Circle Beret and
Eco-tama Earrings & Earrings will be available on



Shop Special Day.

Thursday, October 27, 21:00 - Saturday, October 29

Atelier Otti Net store of Atelier Otti


wish for more and more beautiful women who enjoy natural fashionable

If you would like to make a Sunny Circle Beret, please click here.

Sunny Circle Beret pattern

Your favorite hat in your favorite fabric!
Let's become a hat beauty.

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