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Simprin hat patterns

We offer a set of 'hat pattern' and 'instruction (recipe)'

Patterns: Use pattern by cutting, both for paper pattern and PDF download pattern.
Seam allowance is incorporated in the pattern.
(*PDF download pattern must be printed by the customer)

Instructions (recipe): Information on necessary tools and instructions (cutting, sewing plan etc.) are provided,including tips for a neat finish.

Video: There are video instructions (optional) for some patterns. Video instructions are selected for easy understanding and making.
You can play it repeatedly, which is helpful in some difficult processes.

Video instructions are only in Japanese.

→"Patterns with video instructions"We provide list of patterns with video instructions.

You can view our instructions on your smart phones and PCs.

PDF download patterns/ patterns with instruction video

Patterns are offered by downloading PDF files (no shipping of items).
We will send necessary files through email for downloading.
Patterns must be printed by the customer.

→ →More details on PDF download patterns

For patterns with video instructions, you will be making hats by watching the video guide.
After receiving your order, we will send URL link through email.

Sewing skills

There are no professional skills necessary to make hats,
some hats are made from one fabric, some hats have only few pieces to shape.

We offer many hat patterns for beginners.
Please refer ★ mark on each item which shows the skill level.

→Go to "Hat types for beginners"
We list the recommended hat patterns for beginners.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or advice.

Necessary tools and materials for making hats

You can make hats with the basic tools & materials;
sewing machine, iron, scissors, needle, thread, awl etc.For fabric materials,our recommendations are shown in each item page.
Whether you need interfacing depends on the type of hat you make.

★ Sweatband
A band attached to inner side of the hat to protect from make-up and sweat stains.
There are special bands that are for hats but you can also use grosgrain ribbons.

When using grosgrain ribbons, first iron the ribbon to curve. This process will shape the hat neatly.

Length of the sweatband determines the hat size,
or it can adjust to the size you wish.

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