Online atore renewal open!

New online store!

I am Junko Okabe of Simpline.

have reopened our hat pattern store

We have a
wide range of customers, from people who are making hats for the first time in their lives to those
who love to make hats.

We hope you will find a
hat you would like to make when you come to Shimplin.
We aim to be such a hat pattern store.

We want first-timers to enjoy making hats!

I was never very good at sewing.
When I entered a hat-making class, I was so excited to learn that I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine.
I was so bad at sewing that I made
many mistakes.

That's why I wanted to make it beautiful even for the first time.

have been trying to make it "
easy and beautiful" rather than "difficult and beautiful.

We encourage first-timers
to start with a beret.

Let's make hat beauties all over Japan!

We hope you will enjoy the exciting and
fulfilling time of making your favorite things.


happy smile that is brought out by a
hat made from your favorite fabric that is
perfect for you.

Can't decide on a hairstyle?
Your fashion is not good enough.

Just by wearing a hat, you can look more stylish.

A hat is a magic item that turns a negative into a positive.
It is a magic item.

It encourages courage and fun to go outside.

Why don't you make a hat for yourself or for your loved ones?
Why don't you make a hat?

Fun to make, fun to wear
Give it as a gift and you will have a smile on your face.

Make hats that sparkle and shine.
Let's make beautiful hats all over Japan.

Let's create a place where hat making is fun together!

I love making hats! Simplin loves making hats.

Through hat making
I have had many happy encounters through hat making.
From people who are making hats for the first time in their lives to those who are making hats for the first time in their lives.
Even those who love making hats.

I have met many people who are making hats for the first time in their lives, and some who have never made hats before.
I have a hat I want to make."

I want to make a hat like this!
We aim to have a full line of hat patterns.

I would like to make such a hat!
I want the perfect hat for ____."

If you have such a request,
please send us a message.

We may not be able to make it come true right away, but we will try to make your
dreams come true in our store.
I would like to make it.

And "I made such a hat!"

If you make a nice hat, please let us know!
Please upload it on SNS with #simprin or send us a photo.

or send us a photo of your hat.
Please send us a photo of your hat with #simprin.

Together we can make hat making fun.
Let's make a place for you.

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