We have opened a page for overseas customers. PDF patterns English page !

The page for overseas visitors is now open.

It was my dream on Tanabata Day
The hat pattern page for overseas customers is now open!

PDF patterns English page

A hat sewing PDF pattern(english version) store for overseas customers opened today.

We have consistently dedicated in providing the joy of hat making to our customers.
We hope the handmade hats created from our patterns uplift your days & style!

PDF Download Hat Sewing Pattern

We have a small number of products, and we are
not able to deliver to some areas such as Europe, but we

will continue to deliver our hat making from here to all over the world.

All the products here are in English.
can still purchase hats in Japanese from the same website as before.

Hat beauties all over Japan and all over the world!
We will convey more excitement than ever before.
May hat making enrich your everyday life.

will slowly and widely
grow our store step by step so that it will be a fun place to store.

Open Commemoration Coupon

To commemorate this, you can use it from July 18 to 20, 2022.

We will send you a coupon from our official line.
If you have not yet registered, please click here.

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What I did to open the website for the overseas market
is actually only a little.

Many people lent their help in creating the site and translating it.

The website was created by ECRU, who also created the online store and this website.
They also run a very cute bag store.

The translation of the hat specifications was done by Tomoko Ota, who sells Tsumazaiku and its courses overseas and is an expert in overseas sales.

And the translation of the website was done by my best friend's sister, Ms. K.

The content check to make sure that the hat specifications can be properly understood by overseas customers was done by
Nao-chan, an Instagram teacher living in France.

I'm not good at English. How do you sell overseas?

Thanks to everyone's willingness and politeness to help me in spite of all the things I didn't understand, I was able to make my

dream come true.

Thank you very much.

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