Hats are not a necessity.

For me, of course, they are indispensable.
For many people,
hats and hat making are a 'colorful' part of their everyday life.

That's why we started
to make life richer through hats
and to make everyone happy

Happy x Happy Project'.

make everyone smile by making hats and caps!

We are donating the proceeds from the sales of this project to

This time, we made 'hats'
that Simpline has made so far, including samples, so we
wanted to clear out the room and declutter it!
So we decided to sell them.

帽子を手作り 型紙のお店シンプリン
帽子を手作り 型紙のお店シンプリン

To our delight, they sold out in an hour.

Here are the proceeds from the sale.

Gift of Hope
A gift catalog that supports the daily lives of children and families in developing countries

Waterproof backpack
School supplies set
Vegetable growing kit

We have selected the following items.


We received a nice message from one of our hat buyers: "It's very comfortable and lightweight.

It is light and very comfortable."
"I am very happy to buy the hat I wanted."
"I am glad it is fashionable. I will wear it a lot!

To everyone who bought a hat
Children and families in developing countries
Symplin, whose room is a little cleaner.

I hope it made everyone smile.

We want more hat beauties!

We are delivering a variety of hats and hat making
every day to make your everyday life sparkling and rich.

Let's continue to have fun together.

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