Size-adjustable Hunting Started selling without reasonable video.

Sales start without video

Hunting with beautiful three-dimensional form and
adjustable size belt.

Very popular as a gift for men.
Hat artists also sell them for over 1000 yen.

However, the making process is more complicated than other hats.
It is the most difficult hat among the Simplin hats.

So, we sold only the type with a video on how to make it so that it is easy to understand.

However, we received a lot of comments at
"I want to buy it at a reasonable price, so I want the one without the instructional video."
We have received a lot of requests for this type of hat, so we are now starting a new type without the instructional video.

Please check here before purchasing.

The hat comes with a specification sheet with pictures, but it is more complicated to make than other hats.
Simplin recommends that you watch the video on how to make the hat.

One copy of the specification sheet
帽子を手作り 型紙のお店 シンプリン

If you purchase without a how-to video, please purchase a how-to video for the difference if you do not know how to make the hat.

Please note that we cannot answer any questions about how to make this product.

Click here to purchase a hunting cap with size adjustment.

It is a very challenging hat to make, but you will have a great sense of accomplishment when you finish it at
It is a cool hat, so if you are familiar with
making hats, please try
making hats.

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