Ribbon bonnet & twisted bonnet set: cute cover for hair problems, hair bands for adults, easy, beginner


Adult hair bands and bonnets

Bonnets are hair accessories that cover your hair problems in style.

It is easy to put on like a hair band. It is gentler than a regular hair band, so you can wear it all day long and still be comfortable!

Twist Bonnebonnais can be twisted freely and comfortably.

You can change the look depending on how you twist it or where you twist it.
Try it out in front of the mirror and enjoy it according to your style of the day.

Ribbon Bow - Adult Cute, Big and Fluffy Ribbon

A large ribbon that is not too sweet and suits adult women. It has a slight volume, so it looks beautiful when worn.
If you use a color close to your hair, such as black or navy blue, you can enjoy it as if it were part of your hair style.

Recommended for people like this!

0 Want to spend every day with a stylish hairstyle!
People who are concerned about their gray hair recently.
I would like to try handmade products, but I am clumsy (>_<)
0 I like hats! I want to wear something on my head even in my room.
I want to wear something on my head even in my room. z I want to look fashionable and beautiful every day. z I want to cover my hair problems.
I want something to cover my hair problems.

Recommended fabrics

Light to heavy fabrics

You can use a variety of fabrics, from thin fabrics such as cotton lawn to fluffy wool, and the thickness of the fabric will give you a different look.

Broadcloth, oxford, tweed, denim, wool

Finished size

Twisted bonnet - approx. 39 cm x 11 cm
Ribbon bonnet - approx. 34 cm x 9 cm

Fabric scale: Outer fabric

Each bonnet approx. 20 cm x 110 cm

Fabric scale:Lining


Materials required

Fabric, round elastic

Sewing Level ★:Recommended for beginners

Only basic tools & materials are needed in making hats;
sewing machine, iron, scissors, needle, thread, awl etc.

Please note the following when purchasing patterns;

Seam allownace is incorporated into A4 size patterns.
You can use by directly cutting out the patterns.
You can proceed by reading our instruction (recipe) with photo.

"PDF download patterns": Please print in A4 paper.
→More details on "PDF download patterns"

Patterns & video: Patterns with video instructions.
We will send URL link through email after you purchase our patterns.
Currently, video instructions are only in Japanese.

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